DOPPLER peugeot ER-86 clutch pulley
DOPPLER peugeot ER-86 clutch pulley



the NEW er-86 doppler clutch pulley for peugeot is finally here!! this version has had vast improvements made on the old clutch pulley design. featuring smaller and lighter clutch shoes with on the fly spring tension adjustment. cutaways in the clutch bell allow the user to adjust clutch spring tension with a hex key without disassembly of the pulley in any way. very clever!

for peugeot 103, TSM, TSA and more!!

the clutch pulley has actually been designed to use doppler's sx-86 scooter racing clutch shoes which are tested and proven in the scooter tuner world. the clutch posts have also been increased to 12mm in diameter and redesigned to handle more power without bending or breaking.

the new, redesigned clutch bell is much better than the old stamped steel one as it's actually machined from a single piece of steel.

includes a pedal shaft! no circlips though!

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1 of 5 waist of money April 12, 2020
taco eater : Julien Catala from Montreal, QC Canada  
really poor quality, and take a long time to start

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5 of 5 French Blk Magic September 13, 2019
taco eater : Zach Riddle from Providence, RI United States  
Finally dropped the dough to pick one of these up along with a er3 vario. Got to say this thing rips. Still unsure on fine tuning it in, seems to engage fairly early maybe around 6 or 7k and once it heats up it slips even more.

Im running with cheapo 50cc kit, 19 phbg, polini engine spring, polini sport pipe, er3, and le partie cdi. It takes off like a bat out of hell when the clutch is cold.

Also make sure to fully de-assemble and grease the bearings, they came very dry.

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