CEV classico ignition key - A quality
CEV classico ignition key - A quality
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ahhhh the classics, ya never get tired of 'em!! and you folks who appreciate these finer points may recognize a legend when you see one...

these CEV ignition keys are famous for coming stock on grande bullet headlight buckets as the ignition switch, but really you can use it for anything with a binary state of being off or on, hi or lo, hot or not, etc, etc...

also heard these came on some harley's. now we're talkin'!

man all this talk about binaries and states is bumming me out, but the switch is still very handy and even has a very intuitive wiring setup that is helpfully numbered!! sadly ya only get one key but they're all keyed alike so nbd..

piaggio part # 145498
for CEV # 0159 swtiches

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