intro to shipping guide

This is our brief run down on the shipping practices at HQ.  shipping is taken VERY seriously at HQ, as in pathologically dangerously seriously.  There is lots of glorious ranting and screaming in the midst of a midday HQ shipping frenzy.

Firstly ALL packages are insured for their full value.  This is included in the rates you receive in the shipping calculator.  This covers you in case your local thugs decide to steal your package or if your package vanishes in a natural disaster n such.  Its worth it for us all, so no one has to worry. ever.

Check out these descriptions for info on yer options :

usps - the united states postal service - fast and cheap delivery to your po box or home by either first class or priority mail.  For  domestic orders count on this taking about 1-6 days for first class depending on how far you are from treatland, or 1-3 days for priority usually.  Of course if you order on friday night your order might not ship till monday AM so take this into consideration.  Holidays always slow down the USPS, so don't freak during times of holiday, I mean you're supposed to relax man, its a holiday after all!  Treatland is famed worldwide for its insanely fast shipping.  USPS picks up at our warehouse everyday including saturday.  Don't freak if you can't track your package immediately or if it says it is processing, sometimes it takes these hard workin souls a few days to scan in your order, sometimes it gets to your house before you know its even left treatland! USPS express orders are 1-2 days and are not guaranteed overnight. if you do not get your order overnight and are sad about it you will not be refunded shipping. sorry, just keep two days in mind and if you get it overnight then be extremely happy.

ups -
United Parcel Service of America, Inc.: delivery straight to your door monday thru friday, we ship UPS ground. Ground is a good option for heavy large items, as priority will cost a fortune. See the handy map below for estimated delivery times!  For sure the best choice if you are trying to save some cash as we pass on our UPS discounts to you, for as a great fellow I know once said "we sell parts, not shipping". Depending on how far you are from treatland you might get your UPS ground package just as fast or even faster than USPS priority. UPS shipping is always counted by business days - monday through friday. they do not deliver on the weekends. so order a two day friday and it will be monday (1) and tuesday (2) - the delivery day. UPS overnight, 2 day air and 3 day select PLEASE try to make the order by 2pm pacific time in order for it to ship the same day 

international orders - We ship out internationally everyday, your choice of courier.  Please be aware we will put the full amount of your purchase on the invoice for customs as this is how much your package is insured for.  You may have to pay fees to customs to receive your package, we are not responsible for these fees.  International first class can take 6-30 days, yikes.  Usually its in the 10-14 day range though.  Priority mail international is 6-10 days usually.  Express is best if ya got the cash.  

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As always with shipping calculators they are NOT perfect.  Ours is housed in titanium in a bunker below the 'loin guarded around the clocko but it will still at times give you some bunk info.  Its based purely on $ n # so if we can save ya some cash we will and you might see treats credits appear in your account, oh joy oh joy, like saturday everyday, 7 day weekend, that kinda feeling.  The UPS rates will be right on always, but the USPS rates don't allow us to utilize flat rate technology.  we'll do what we can. 

USPS - the post office of america USA shipping time priority mail approximation dreamlike shipping map

This is roofie's revisionist reinterpretation of the UPS ground shipping times. hmm.