motobecane AV7 airsal 70cc 45mm kit
motobecane AV7 airsal 70cc kit



this is the motobecane AV7 70cc 45mm kit. finally now another option for AV7 engines besides the parmakit!

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips and head gasket


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5 of 5 Bang away with a well priced kit! June 29, 2018
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
Double rings make engines sing! Not a breath will slip by those thick bois.

The ports are comically small on this, darn near matches stock cases! That being said, you can expect a long life but still get 40mph from it.

I didn’t need to futz with it to get good port clearance, and everything seemed well casted.

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5 of 5 so torque-y August 7, 2017
taco eater : Kenneth Hill from Arnold, MD United States  

45 on the flats with a restrictive exhaust. 12t drive sprocket. 15.15sha... not bad.

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5 of 5 finally coughed it up and bought my kit February 5, 2014
taco eater : Donovan Robins from south lake tahoe, CA United States  
If fits great I was really excited about the piston being instaled already making it as simple as new gaskets atache the contecting rod and bolting it down. My moby curently doesn't start so have no clue how it runs but the casting is beautiful and it was so easy to throw on

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5 of 5 Awesome kit, September 25, 2013
taco eater : Nathan L from North Cape May, NJ United States  
Noticed that the kit didn't come with a base gasket. So at first I ran with out a base and RTV'd the base instead. Ran fine with the provided head gasket. Around 250 miles in, power dropped down and then eventually died. Pulled the motor apart and there was no signs of seizing which is always good considering it was break-in and I kept it plenty lubed.

The provided head gasket failed. So after further inspection I noticed that the piston when viewed from the exhaust port through at BDC was covering up around 10% or so of the exhaust port and a little less than that of the transfers. So I designed a new base gasket using my 3d prowess, and now it is spaced perfectly.

My suggestion is ditch the head gasket, RTV there instead, using say, ultra blue rtv, and pick up some gasket paper and cut yourself out a 1mm thick base. Overall it has great power delivery, the added disp. brings power on lower in the rev range, dies off slightly around mid, but then opens back up in high revs.

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5 of 5 Good deal February 8, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Boston  
This is slick!  I think this kit is far superior to the 70cc Parmakit.  The intake and exhaust are HUGE. Transfer ports are a bit narrow but it's beefy enough to dremel away.  Much cleaner casting than the Parmakit - the finish is amazing!

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