AUTHENTIC bing 14mm carb BODY unique alternative
AUTHENTIC bing 14mm carb BODY unique alternative

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vintage non-US style bing carb bodies with a unique air filter cavity incorporated into the body itself...super pro upgrade style...

all of the parts from the US puch moped bing carbs will switch right over to this, and it already comes with the tickler!! theres a float bowl gasket included too, but it might be a little to old to use...however im sure a lot of you out there would use it and not gonna lie i probably would too...

also, has an air filter designed for it here!

good if you broke your original intake clamp, or you wanna go from a smaller size bing to 14mm. give it a good clean and you got yourself a "fun" bing rebuilding project...kinda like dissembling a cabin out in the forest log by log and then moving it to a new strange and beautiful quaint!


the intake hole has a little pin stuck in that will block your intake from sliding all the way on. this is because usually you would have a notched intake that would align with the pin so the carb doesnt spin at all on the however can just take it out and the hole doesnt affect the sealing capabilities, so your choice!

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5 of 5 one major difference! July 12, 2017
taco eater : boyd from Los Angeles, CA United States  
the idle adjustment screw is on the opposite side of this bad boy, meaning facing the frame. it's also recessed! meaning this is not the carb for the type of person who likes to reach down and adjust their idle screw on the fly

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