60mm metal screen air filter for dellorto SHA carburetors
60mm screen air filter dellorto SHA



oh, finally! an air filter for dellorto SHA carbs. oh, man, my mind is blown. sort of small for fitting into tight places.

fits on dellorto SHA carburetors 14.12 - 16-16. the bigger ones, not vespa SHA. right. another day. also fits dellorto SHBC carbs and mikuni TMX carburetors

OD of the rubber mount part = 71mm
length = 34mm
ID = 60mm

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so far so good April 19, 2013
taco eater : Allen Figueroa from Woodland Park, NJ United States  
like everyone said, fiment issues.  the top bolt from the motor to the frame kinda keeps it from fitting flush but the rubber part fits on the carb just right.  i cut my stock foam filter from the airbox and put it in there just to have some foam restriction for filtering even though the screen is nice and tightly woven.  right from the get go, shit ripppppssssssss.  im a day into it so ill report back when i get more feed back from it.


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fits the sha like a glove November 21, 2012
taco eater : Brian Scarborough from coral springs, FL United States  
looks great on my sha - the screen on it is verry tightly woven.  im running just one piece of black uni foam lightly sprayed with K+N oil.      verry nice piece.   good flow
good price -  and should last a long time

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Worked great until it clogged. September 29, 2012
taco eater : Joe Aldrich from Haslett, MI United States  
Like I said... took a little bit of custom fitting but it looked cool and worked great for about a month. Gradually I started to notice my Tomos smoking, bogging, using fuel like crazy. I don't know why, but the filter was almost completely blocked. I took it off and put my cheapo Ebay cone filter back on and it's been fine ever since. I definitely wouldn't recommend this one...

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Good stuff July 16, 2011
taco eater : Guy Kratz from Funland, FL  
has slight clearance issues with tomos revival. sits right on the engine mount.

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Compact May 9, 2011
taco eater : coolbic from Minneapolis, MN United States  
This thing is nice and small.  I put some Red UNI foam in it and that has been working well.  High air flow.  Cheap and small.  Kind of nice not sticking out on my leg and stuff...

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