60mm metal mesh air filter for SHA carburetors
60mm metal mesh air filter SHA


yeeea. more air filters for dellorto SHA carbs. KnN style, metal mesh.

fits on dellorto SHA carburetors 14.12 - 16-16. the bigger ones, not vespa SHA. right. another day. also fits dellorto SHBC carbs and mikuni TMX carburetors

OD = 74mm
ID = 60mm
length = 81mm

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woah October 5, 2017
taco eater : Carbon Jawed from Cromwell, CT United States  
again I measured something wrong but I bought a Kreidler with a gigantic 12mm bing; thought the OD was 55mm; was probably something like 45mm but I squish this down and it holds. If it falls off, Ill make my own.

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Fits on Targa LX, but quite finnicky. May 14, 2016
taco eater : Adrian W from Summerland, BC Canada  
Looks beautiful, just super snazzy.

It does take some caressing to get the filter and carb onto the intake, but here's how I managed to get it on.

Slip filter on carb (off bike) no clamp, no top part throttle control, that comes on when the carb and filter are in place. begin to put the carb how you would normally get it on, but theres that frame screw in the way right? Rotate the carb and filter counterclockwise, so the jet kinda faces you. While twisting and pushing it onto the intake, try to get the outer rim of the filter just over the screw, and twist it to get the rest of it across. Takes time, but it fits. I'd never take it off again since it's a pain in the ass. For the jetting, take off the throttle control plastic thing at the top, and rotate the carb so the bowl for the jet and floater faces you.

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Gets soggy April 5, 2015
taco eater : Daniel Lambert from ME United States  
Works pretty good. Looks even better. But every few weeks I gotta fire up the air compressor and spray out the oil and gas from it. I'm gonna try a screen/cone with no fabric filter in it and see where that takes me.

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Don't October 29, 2014
taco eater : MennoOonneM from San Diego, CA United States  
Just don't. It's a turd. Get the Tun® filter instead.

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Good, only kinda fits Moby bikes July 9, 2014
taco eater : George Sass from Somerville, MA United States  
Looks cool, fits a 16:16, filters air, makes your bike sound real angry.  You do need to grind down the crimped rim at one spot to make it not jam up against your frame at full variation, and even then, there's still some interference.

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