50cc puch magnum-esque cylinder for the masses
50cc puch magnum style cylinder for the masses

alternate reality price $69.99


***on super sale for a week!! or maybe two!*** now is your chance to build a rad stock + magnum setup

normal bore cylinder jug with all the fixins

ANGLED EXHAUST for angled style pipes and probably the stock magnum pipe

50cc = 38mm = safe and sane + fun and speed

you can give up and get a boring stock maxi cylinder, or you can step up your game with this aluminum nikasil LARGE finned magnum style for cooling power and larger transfers

use a stock head, or any puch 50cc head we have

there is a piston, dual ring
theres a wrist pin
there are wrist pin clips
gaskets are there, too, as seen in the photograph

get a replacement ring here if you need
also, find yourself some nice new gaskets if you mess yours up

maybe you need a piston port intake?

17mm intake port
20mm exhaust port

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