17" puch 5 star disc brake COMBO COLLAB
17" puch 5 star disc brake COMBO COLLAB



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

use this assortment, or medly if you will, of high quality brand new authentic parts and accessories to make your disc braking dreams come true!! no cheap flimsy parts here, only top notch products were talkin here.

this goodie arrangement comes with one original grimeca puch 5 star rim, a mike thomas disc hub, disc rotor, hardware to mount it all together, sealed bearings, and center bearing spacer. it will NOT come assembled, so thats your job! pic just for example.

these come with the black hub now! lucky you!

the rotor dimensions:

92mm ID
8mm bolt holes, 62mm center to center
3mm wide

as for the wheel:

17" diameter
1.35" rim width
12mm axle diameter
weighing in at exactly 4.00 lbs per rim (no hub of course). pretty dang light!

also you get a few couple bucks off (well, a lot more than a couple actually) when you get all these conveniently combined parts all together!! think of something worth a couple bucks, yep, thats something you can buy!! id get a fidget spinner, JUST SAYIN. hopefully we will have a treats themed one soon??

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