17" front 3 star mag DISC WHEEL with tire already on
17" front 3 star mag DISC WHEEL with tire already on

alternate reality price $174.99


pair this wheel up with some EBR disc brake forks!!

space it out however you need.
this is tha best axle, comes with all the spacers n such. there are two lengths, so check how far your fork legs are apart. also, if they are super far apart, you can get this looong axle!

this wheel has a special super strong specially constructed delrin hub that attaches in the wheel and holds the disc. the wonders of...science!!

the wheel will fit in forks that have spacing greater than 90mm wide.

rotor is 220mm. same size as the mike thomas disc, hint hint!

here are some good disc brake assemblies that bolt right on to ebr disc forks (not the mini one tho)

there are lots of other disc assemblies to choose from. space it out, get creative, make it work....ya know????

tire is a brand new 17 x 2.50 mosquito all mounted and ready to go!!! mounting tires sucks and is not really fun

has sealed bearings already installed for 12mm axles!

and there you have it, you crayzee moped psykoz!!!!! love ya!!!! you need disc, so you can STOP!!!!!!

**might have a scratch or two. you can see some in the picture. everything has a few imperfections, sorry, its just the way of the world!**

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