treatmetric TOMOS A35 and A55 jammer clutch version 1.01 - 1st gear
treatmetric TOMOS A35 and A55 jammer clutch version 1.01 - 1st gear


 :*sorry none today*

treatmetric's new 3 shoe clutch for tomos A35 and A55!!! finally! a solution to the terrible cork lined stock 1st gear clutch. turn your tomos into a rocket ship. seriously...hang on cause this thing RIPS.

comes with 3 sets of springs!

NEW best fluid is motorex ATF as it's designed specifically for crazy high stall spin-out performance on KTM dirtbikes. If you want a lil cheaper alternative, lucas semi-synthetic ATF is awesome too!! royal purple is also a winner! but we're busy dudes currently working on jammer v12 so we encourage everyone to try different oils/fluids and report back with your findings. actually, you'll need to have a full report written from the tribologist if you decide to use something crazy.

***we suggest soaking the clutch in atf or whatever oil you plan on running over night to saturate the friction material prior to running it. this will help prevent premature de-lamination/excessive wear of the friction material.***

***if you are having problems with the jammer sticking in the bell then please make sure you are using the tomos shim that goes behind the clutch!!! Sometimes it is stuck onto the clutch you remove and you might not even notice there is a shim there. This is the shim you need to make sure you have.**

remember! this is a high performance clutch. you should be proactive about changing transmission fluid and checking in on the transmission/clutches to make sure everything is performing properly. on highly tuned setups this is especially important because high clutch stall puts a lot of stress on both the clutches and all of the internal gears! stay safe out there! give it a checkup often!

total weight of the clutch - 251.2g +/- 5g
10.9 grade black oxide hardware (already installed with thread locker)
hardened clutch hub

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Bolt Issues February 13, 2018
taco eater : Casey E. from Washington, DC United States  
If you're having problems getting the clutch to spin freely in the clutch bell like I did, you're going to need to buy some shims or file down the bolts on the back of the Jammer. The bolts stick out slightly and catch the clutch bell which was a pain in the arse for a novice mechanic to diagnose. Hope the next batch of Jammers come without this issue.

5 tacos for treats customer service.

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Worthile upgrade August 12, 2017
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
Pretty sick.
The next trick should be a 2nd gear version.
That'd be a treat.

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total ripper, perfect upgrade for any tomos May 22, 2017
taco eater : Will C from san francisco, CA United States  
installed this on a targa lx with sidebleed estoril (smaller end bleed), ported stock cyl, 15 sha, blue spring 2nd gear and stock (weakest) jammer springs.

insane takeoff, slips right into the pipe in 1st gear then the blue spring in 2nd keeps it well into the pipe while shifting.

seriously, this will wake up any tomos a35 or a55! would probably even be sick with the weakest springs on a bone stock tomos.

no more cork!! yes!

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Tomos Clutch April 19, 2017
taco eater : Anonymous Person from United States  
Soak it, set it and forget it.
Soft spring for stock.
Medium spring for tuned.
Hard spring for highly modified....

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Smooth April 19, 2017
taco eater : Christophe Naulet from Los Angeles, CA United States  
I put it to test on my stock Tomos A55 and I really like it!

Click the following link to check out my review and full test on video.

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