mikuni 20mm VM round slide carburetor - bolt on
mikuni 20mm carburetor



mikuni 20mm VM round slide carburetor with bolt on flange mount.

there are a TON of amazing intakes made specifically for this wondrous carb by the weak-ends

also use with the honda MB5 bolt on intake.

a bit larger than a dellorto PHBG. an impressive device

43mm OD on the back for air filter mounting.


distance between mounting holes center to center = 50mm

use mikuni large hex main jets

use mikuni M28/1001 idle jets

usually includes a 180 main and 22.5 idle

****The main jet can be accessed by unscrewing the bolt on the outside of the float bowl****

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Running on my '78 NC50 October 27, 2018
taco eater : Hunter Skiff from Boca Raton, FL United States  
Have this carb coupled with the MLM VM20 intake on my '78 NC50. Jetted 150, 17.5. Works great!!!

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BUY ME NOW May 25, 2018
taco eater : nash brunelle from tiverton, RI United States  
It really is that much better than Dellorto.. I mean soo much easier to tune and deal with.... running mine with treats reed kit, gonna get the malosi 4 petal so different intake for that...change the idle needle to 17.5 like others advised, and i'm running 140 main, first shot and its purrrfect... maybey dropping to a 120, but im happy.  Bolt on awesomeness, my #1 carb 4 eva

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Runs first time, easy to tune January 25, 2018
taco eater : Doug Wilhelm from Gladstone, MO United States  
Plug and play! Installed with a bunch of other random performance parts on my NX50 and it just... WORKED.

While the bike runs, the vibration transferred through the MLM intake causes this carb to puke fuel through the atmospheric overflows. When this occurs, the bike cuts out due to fuel starvation. This has made fine-tuning challenging.

Also, my VM20 came with a 100% plastic float, which is non-adjustable. Not necessarily the fault of Treats, but I know this was not previously the norm for this carb.

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Superb September 25, 2017
taco eater : Dirk Garr from Santee, CA United States  
Don't ask, just get it. It rips on 64cc polini but you have to cut the fins off the front of cylinder to get the riser and intake on

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mpg down, speed up September 3, 2017
taco eater : Jacob Wine from Mequon, WI  
if you want to go fast, this is a must! all the sizes of jets you'd want, and its super easy to use. don't kick your air filter off tho

81 NA50, Athena kit, MLM sidebleed, carbon reeds

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