puch ZA50 1st gear treat clutch
puch ZA50 1st gear treat clutch



you can now completely rebuild a two speed puch engine! Replace and tune your ZA50 clutches!
this is the 1st gear clutch.

you will no longer use the tab washer with these clutches!

**achtung!! this version features a NEW improved clutch lining** wow!!! who would have ever thought? me? you ? mr rogers?

"the power of 3s is evident in ZA50 treat clutchs"

attention!! you must chamfer the part of the clutch where the spring hooks in so that it has a smoother edge to prevent the spring from snapping somewhere in the future...it is at the utmost importance to do this and prevent damage to your engine!!

break a clutch spring rippin too hard? wanna get on the pipe earlier? try these malossi springs....for race

SO, if you happen to get both za50 clutches (which you should, but they are sold separately!!) here is some help.

these clutches are the best, i LOVE them, they RIP. seriously. and they are bulletproof. i only trust these in my za50's from now on!

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The springs 1st +2 in touch - need shiming between April 19, 2018
taco eater : Puch pasionate from Montreal QC Canada  
1st problem: the two plates springs can be in contact, so, it will need more space to separare the 2 plates , so it need  an extra shim on the top of the spacer with a thickness of engaging plate washer, but, you have to compensate by reducing and sand the security nut, overwise it will tuch the cluch bell. This may be a cause of accidents inside the cluch.
2nd : I THINK as the as the green spring wich is the thin one, goes to the first speed plate, and, the strong one goes to the second speed wich engage later at a hi RPM. Not like in the photo. I think as they have been wrong instaled at the factory.
3rd : I think as the springs hole have to be checked for 90 angles and sand this.

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bad springs August 17, 2017
taco eater : jason ford from leigh on sea, essex United Kingdom  
done about 500 miles then spring broke,
chewed up my gear box.
not happy.

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Not good. May 21, 2017
taco eater : Robert Balk from Morrison, IL United States  
Lasted about 30 miles before a spring broke and went through the transmission destroying the teeth on the internal gears and ruining both clutches.  Had to order new springs and fix the chain style links on them to make them usable again.  Also had to buy another motor to replace all the transmission parts. Not Cool.

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100 mile clutch September 20, 2016
taco eater : Westopher from Austin, TX United States  
Made it about 100 miles before losing a spring and sending metal bits into my gears

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slippy November 11, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person from wichita falls, TX United States  
These are amazing aftermarket clutches. Whoever made them is taco king. Pulled the old ones out, slid these on, tightened everything to SPEC. Slip and rip just like you wanted.

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