white wall 17" tire trim thin set
white wall 17" tire trim set


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17" white wall tire trim set - comes with 4 tire trims, enough for one moped, two wheels, that's one for each side of each wheel. this size about 20mm or 7/8" wide.

these tire trims are sooooooo cool. i think they are at least. i don't know about you. i have em on my moped. now i have white wall gazelles! you could have white wall any kind of tire you want! they come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and colors. many more colors on the way too! all you do is take of your wheel, deflate the tire a little, and insert the tire trim. once it's in the wheel rim, it's shape pushes it against the tire making a virtually seamless bond. you really cant tell they are separate inserts, you don't need any glue, and they won't fly out at high speeds. these are really my favorite new item, . .ever. and i hope you like them too!

love rufie

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1 of 5 Does not work on all tires July 26, 2011
taco eater : jason pacholski from Chicago, IL United States  
These are not compatible with the hutchinson GP1s.  Such a shame as they would've looked sweet.

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4 of 5 Pretty, awesome, easy May 3, 2011
taco eater : WILLD!!! from SWOOPS ATL  

theres a shot of it on my supercub. ON KNOBBY TRAIL TIRES!!! this is why inserts are fun, they can go on anything. they press in easy. they start to warp if you got em in unevenly, so it took me a few fills and deflates to get it right, but 20 minutes and they were in and pretty. I did tear the front one a little offroading, but they look rad as all hell.

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