vintage CEV style bullet headlight - CHROME
vintage cev style bullet headlight - CHROME



the legendary bullet headlight for pretty much anyyy moped ever is back!!

all steel construction with a chromed lip and plastic lens.


uses regular dual filament bay15d bulbs!

comes with m6 bolts for mounting it to the fork ears, a ground wire, n some external tooth lock washers.

60mm opening for speedometer placementation. DOES NOT come with a plastic speedometer hole cover.

if you need a speedometer we have a 40 mph and 80mph that fits perfecto! radddd!

headlight is about 16cm long and has a 12.5cm diameter

NOTE: there is a small dent on the very back of the headlight from where the housing is pulled out of the press during production. luckily it's pretty much unnoticeable once it is installed! there are also some marks on either side where the spot welds are holding the threaded inserts to the bucket.

note #2 : the reviews from the old bullet light were moved to this one as most pertain to style/fit which is identical, hence the same date on many reviews.

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