vespa pinasco dual carb reed valve case half for stock to 43mm cylinders
vespa pinasco dual carburetor case half

alternate reality price $59.99

 :*sorry none today*

***these no longer come with the red foam filter cuz they disintegrated from sitting for too long lol. they may be missing a part or two, but they literally cost over 100 euros and we are selling them for 60 bucks so no complaining and no returns!***

ohh this one is thrilling, a vespa pinasco dual carb case half ... replace that useless case half with this pinasco one and enjoy having a reed valve inducted extra carb!! Why would you actually want a case half that is just sitting there not doing anything when you could have reed power and another carb?

Includes case half, intake, throttle cable splitter, reeds, a rad air filter and some other needed goodies. pre-ported to roughly match 43mm cylinders with the reed valve strangely blastin straight thru the case half bearing, sure to be interesting, faster, more powerful, and keep yer bearing happy n lubed up.

need a crank for this bad boy? grab one here

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2 of 5 get ready to do some macining January 1, 2014
taco eater : moped man from portland, OR United States  
mine didn't fit I had to bore the case and deck the case  and rigging up cables is not easy findind parts even at treat to make them work  also takes special crank with hole in it and light flywheel mag  you get more power using poplin cases or mollassi big bore and for less money invested  so think about it before you jump

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4 of 5 sounds like a song June 7, 2011
taco eater : jello elstone from Canada  
1 is the loneliest number that you'll ever know
2 is as bad as 1 but the loneliest number is the number one, clearly 2 is better then one!

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