vespa pinasco 75cc 46mm cylinder kit - EVOTEN QUADRO FULL - 12pin
vespa pinasco 75cc 46mm cylinder kit - EVOTEN QUADRO FULL - 12pin


pinasco EVOTEN QUADRO FULL cylinder kit! now featuring bolt on exhaust flange. sweet.

the cylinder head has been completely redesigned to incorporate a couple new features. first off, the cylinder head protrudes outwards and fits seamlessly into a recessed portion on the cylinder thus centering the combustion chamber perfectly on center with the bore of the cylinder. sick. then, they've added two additional m6 holes on either side of the spark plug that correspond with threaded holes on the cylinder helping minimize head gasket leakage due to vespa's interesting (and dumb) asymmetric 3 stud design. last but not least, they've included a beautiful super small decomp valve that should seal up nicely with the head and minimize hot spots.

this is the full edition, featuring three different exhaust flanges (gold 22mm, black 25mm, silver 28mm) and single ring piston!!

oh and the head is cut for use on ciao and bravo/grande/si !!

the port map is unchanged from the other 46mm pinasco kit!

yes these are aluminum nikasil lined, unlike all the other 46mm vespa cylinders.

since this is a 46mm kit, you will need to machine your stock cases or run polini or malossi cases.

reputably one of thee most amaaazing cylinders out there for vespa!!! score!!! includes cylinder, piston, rings, ciao style head, wrist pin, clips, and base gasket. a complete party in a box!

12mm wrist pin version

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