vespa pinasco 60cc 42mm EVOTEN cylinder kit - 10 pin
vespa pinasco 60cc 42mm EVOTEN cylinder kit - 10 pin



NEW!! pinasco "evoten" 42mm 60cc aluminum nikasil cylinder kit. man this timeless classic has gotten some major upgrades this round.

the cylinder head has been completely redesigned to incorporate a couple new features. first off, the cylinder head protrudes outwards and fits seamlessly into a recessed portion on the cylinder thus centering the combustion chamber perfectly on center with the bore of the cylinder. sick. then, they've added two additional m6 holes on either side of the spark plug that correspond with threaded holes on the cylinder helping minimize head gasket leakage due to vespa's interesting (and dumb) asymmetric 3 stud design. last but not least, they've included a beautiful super small decomp valve that should seal up nicely with the head and minimize hot spots since its so tiny.

the exhaust area has also seen some casting updates. pinasco has added a traditional flange shape to the exhaust area with enough material to easily drill and tap for a bolt on flange vs slip on flange. super sick!!!

due to the uniue head design, this will work with BOTH ciao and bravo, grande, si, kinetic, tfr, etc. super rad. you get a lil more cooling on your ciao now!

includes cylinder, 10mm wrist pin piston, 42mm x 1.5mm GI rings, bravo style head, wrist pin, clips.

comes with a base gasket so get some HERE if ya like? this kit does not use a head gasket!!

comes with bravo/grande/si style head, so it will work perfectly with most vespa mopeds - si, bravo, grande, kinetic. what's the deal on this style head? its slightly larger profile, with side cooling fins, however it will not fit on vespa ciao as those require a smaller head.

comes with everything in the photo

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