vespa pinasco 75cc 46mm nikasil cylinder kit 10 pin - bravo head
vespa pinasco 46mm 10pin bravo cylinder kit


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Pinasco 46mm 75cc nikasil cylinder kit for most vespa mopeds - bravo, grande, si, kinetic, tfr

yes these are aluminum nikasil lined, unlike all the other 46 and 47mm vespa cylinder. this ones called a 75cc, but i think its more like 73cc

this size requires you to grind the case out to fit the sleeve, as in it is freakin huge. reputably one of thee most amaaazing cylinders out there for vespa!!! score!!!

includes cylinder, piston, rings, bravo style head, wrist pin, clips, and gaskets. a complete party in a box.

comes with bravo/grande/si style head, so it will work perfectly with most vespa mopeds - si, bravo, grande, kinetic. what's the deal on this style head? its slightly larger profile, with side cooling fins, however it will not fit on vespa ciao as those require a smaller head. the ciao version of this cylinder kit is also available.

10mm wrist pin size, so this is mostly for european and other foreign lands vespas but there are some 10 pin bikes in the US, so check first please. If you don't need 10mm, grab the 12mm here.

ever wonder what life with a pinasco 46mm cylinder is like?

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