vespa piaggio polini 42mm aluminum kit - 12pin

vespa piaggio polini 42mm aluminum kit


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BACK FROM THE GRAVE! nikisil lined aluminum vespa piaggio 42mm special exhaust header cylinder kit.

12pin variety

:note this head will only fit in a ciao frame with some fin cutting.

eco, bravo, charlie, grande, si, ciao, boxer, kinetic, tfr

some intense porting tech,

auxilary boost chanels for added exhaust angle boosting.

works with normal vespa pipes, see exhaust manafold below.

this may be the first time anyone has ever seen this kit in real life outside of the website

also notice the gilardoni logo on this kit. why is it there? was this kit designed in collaboration with gilardoni? was it originally a gilardoni kit? was it designed by porsche, or perhaps lamborghini? this kit is shrouded in mystery, but one thing's for certain, polini has the kit now and there's no doubt that it's one of the most bad dudee, blastin, epic, four strokin, plug choppin, clutch shreadin, crank bustin, wheely popin vespa kits around!


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5 of 5 Break your crank in half April 4, 2013
taco eater : Joe peg from Portland, OR United States  
dont buy this kit if you dont know what you are doing. you will break your whole engine into a million sad sad parts. This thing revs to the moon and most cranks cant handle it. do some porting and go even faster. I hit 55.5 gpsed on this with a 13/13 card and polini case and even faster with a 21mm!

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