vespa malossi reinforced crankshaft - 12mm
vespa moped malossi reinforced crankshaft 12mm



malossi full cheek, reinforced, stuffed, call it what you will, performance crankshaft for reed valve vespa cases. This is the ideal crank for the vespa malossi case or if you were lucky enough to grab one of the now discontinued simonini 4 petal side reed intakes while we had dozens in stock forever (may it rest in peace). this is the 12mm wrist pin version for 12mm kits. Fits like a dream in the malossi case for ciao, bravo, grande, and si mopeds.

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super duper September 3, 2016
taco eater : moped man from portland, OR United States  
fit was perfect in my reed valve cases  the lager crank shaft end makes it harder to snap the end off don't half to weld the pin cause its machined out of a solid peace of steel

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pretty much the only option... April 17, 2014
taco eater : Casserollers Tyler from Minneapolis, MN United States  
If you want a full circle crank, but damn these are amazing quality. They beefed up the threaded portion to a larger size than a stock crank. This means two things: #1 you cant use a stock crank nut (its ok this comes with a nice one) and #2 if you run this with a single speed setup you will have to drill some things out larger. It will be obvious once you get it together, and a very simple fix.

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Get this. December 13, 2010
taco eater : Joeped from Portland  
I paid much more for mine by ordering it from Italy. This crank is such such good quality. I had to cut some of my polini speedcase and a bit off my simonini case half to get the con rod to clear. You are supposed to use the special malossi woodruff key and nut. The needle bearing it comes with is substantialy better than any other I've gotten.

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