vespa moped malossi 73cc 46.5mm cylinder kit 12 pin - 2020 edition
vespa moped malossi 73cc 46.5mm cylinder kit 12 pin - 2020 edition



NEW for 2020 malossi updated their 46.5mm 73cc cylinder kit for vespa mopeds! the new version features a completely renewed port map for increased HP. new side transfers have been redesigned for optimized flow with the transfers found on stock and malossi cases!! no more port matching!! with these improvements, malossi rates this cylinder at an impressive 8-9hp with expansion chamber and proper tune. wow.

this size requires you to grind the case out to fit the sleeve, as in it is freakin huge.

super super fast and insane hi quality of course.

includes cylinder, piston, rings, head, wrist pin, clips, gaskets and a sticker or two.

comes with ciao style head, so it will work with all vespa mopeds 12pin variety

wow this new part even has it's own video! amazing!

The high durability of the cast iron is combined with Malossi's high quality standards to give life to the redesign of the new thermal units for moped: the complete replacement of the internal transfer is the main innovation of the new jewel dedicated to the timeless Piaggio Ciao.

Compared to the previous version, the exhaust has been revisited both in geometry and in the timing, tuned to the timing of the intake. The big news are the posterior transfers, which, subjected to a review of the "nail" technique of the posterior, now have an adequate inclination and, above all, a calculated progression of flow crossing areas. The union of the two rear ducts in the characteristic "H" shape allows you to make the most of the pumping work, transferring the greatest possible energy with the least losses to the flows. These innovations translate into a greater uniformity of washing between the right and left sides, which determines a better combustion and, consequently, an incredible increase in the characteristic performances of two-stroke engines.

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