vespa flywheel for cdi ignition - LIGHTENED version!
vespa flywheel for cdi ignition - LIGHTENED version!


 :*sorry none today*

we've sent off some cdi flywheels for the vespa mopeds to be lightened!! oh how exciting!! use this with the cdi stator assembly and cdi igniton box and you will be even happier!

**THIS FLYWHEEL IS FOR EURO CDI!! as in it will NOT work with kinetic cdi that mounts to points style cases. it is for the stock cdi found on late model vespa like super bravo n winner n such. ya gotta have the 4 coil cdi or the cdi we sell!!**

this flywheel weighs 1180 grams! the stock cdi flywheel weighs 1310 grams. thats 180 grams less or 14% lighter. every little bit of weight removed from the crank helps!! rev up a lil quicker and take some of the stress off those crankshaft bearings.

about 105mm ID !

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Lighter flywheel = Faster Vespa November 6, 2016
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
I thought a 14% weight difference wouldn’t be that much more power. Let me tell you it is. I have a Euro motor I bought from Treatland ( and it’s jumps off the line faster and revs higher than the same configuration I have with the OG flywheel. And too boot the cuts are clean and done tastefully.

(13.13, Polini vario, US clutch 90mm, AX39 belt, bored intake patch, Mazzi crank, Malossi 43mm 12pin kit, BLK BLK Calibrata)

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