trickMETRIC puch e50 hammer clutch "ultralight"
trickMETRIC puch e50 hammer clutch ultralight

alternate reality price $300.00


blast from the past here folks! was looking through my rally bag in 2014 and found this lil hottie. last one in the land!

the trickMETRIC hammer clutch for puch E50 : the smooothest engaging, longest slip, most durable clutch ever made for Puch.

3 sets of springs included for multiple tuning options, from stock to 80cc.
kevlar lined aluminum/steel shoes for long-lasting performance.
all laser-cut steel construction with brace already included and mounted.
no pins to bend due to the masterful design.
total weight = 325 grams

version 3 notes:
Disassemble and degrease the clutch when you get it. Put red Loctite on the starter plate screws and blue Loctite on the back plate.

The UltraLight hammers should NOT be used with lightened starter plates!!!!!!!

The new shoes are super light. Give the installed blue springs a chance before you jump to the red ones.

this version is for those more interested in performance then reliability, and as such they do not come with a warranty.

for more info, see here

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