treatmetric puch e50 jammer clutch v6.1 - REPLACEMENT SHOES (new version)
treatmetric puch e50 jammer clutch v6.1 - REPLACEMENT SHOES (new version)


replacement shoe set for the v6.1 treatmetric jammer! just in case you were ripping too hard and had pad failure, or feel like upgrading to slightly heavier shooz

these have a new design, more curves...more round...and lighter! me likey!

These new pads have the edges already chamfered to prevent the springs from breaking as easily, however you can still chamfer them more if you like and read this text from before we chamfered them for you - WHEN INSTALLING NEW SPRINGS!!!! chamfer or round off the edges where the springs grab on each clutch shoe. the shoes are laser/water cut steel so that edge is a perfect 90deg angle. with a high torque setup, it acts like a knife that can cut yer lil clutch spring. make sense?

shoe weight - approx 30g per shoe

you get 3 shoes; great for modern art sculpting

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I proved Jack wrong. Do I win something? March 21, 2017
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
I threw these on my Garelli NOI Hammer clutch.

If you have one of this style (the newer one, me thinks):

Shit fits right on. It's a bit snug putting the two halves together in the clutch bell, but the bitch isn't supposed to go in, it goes out; It's a clutch. Centrifuge man. You good.

I run in Castrol Transmax Full Synthetic Multivehicle ATF (30 hours soak prior to install) with Med springs (blue ones broke). I have the fluid fairly low (~8 oz) and it still Revs stupid high; I guess it's the lighter shoes. She rips pretty good though

I'll update when it fails.

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Thank you Jesus March 10, 2017
taco eater : Countryob from Princeton , MA United States  
These pads have travel thrue many galaxies brought here on horse-back. Live the dream of power under your right hand. Major slipping Major parties Major ripping Major new pants spoiler

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