shocks with mysterious declassified reservior tech - 300mm
treat shoxx - 300mm

alternate reality price $44.99


new new new for 2018 treats shoxx! 300mm radical reservoir shocks for true racers and cruisers alike. Featuring progressively wound springs!

The preload adjustment nut is threaded, but he locking nut is not, so plan on using them as they are.

see the external reservoirs? they are for fashion. no, do not attempt to fill them with anything, they will leak....but hey, they are really cheap? **no returns because of this!**

10mm eyelets, use your stock ones or get some 8mm shock inserts!!

notice the long, yet thin end opposite of the reservoir? that should help greatly when mounting on bikes with tight clearance...aka motobecane and honda mb5.

the spring diameter is 58mm

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4 of 5 works fine January 9, 2019
taco eater : greg taylor from san clemente, CA United States  
these work fine if not better than the standard extreme shocks with the added benefit of looking like really expensive reservoir shocks! like the guy below said they do not dampen well because dampening is the act of moistening or wetting an object. however, they do have damping capability and it works bell.

to all the whiners out there, they are 45 dollar shocks. what do you expect? the rfy shocks are the same exact thing and cost twice as much. if you actually think you can get decent shocks with an external reservoir and adjustable gas filling, better take a look elsewhere on the internet, because you can't touch anything legit for under 3-400 dollars. "you get what you pay for"

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1 of 5 Don't be fooled...Save your money August 23, 2018
taco eater : John W from Atlantic Beach, FL United States  
Can I give them a below zero?  They look really nice but are complete crap.  No dampening whatsoever, so they are basically just springs on a shock body.  Too soft out of the box, I tried to adjust the springs and one of the preload adjustment rings was jammed, so no joy there.  Tried to charge them and guess what?... The reservoir isn't sealed and the gas leaks right back out.  Straight to the trash can for these Chinese made beauties.  Wish I could get my money back.  I am just going to send them back.  If I get a refund great.  If not, lesson learned.

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