tomos moped a55 70cc airsal cylinder with head ***UNCUT discoutn DEAL***
tomos moped a55 70cc airsal cylinder with head
alternate reality price $125.00


***these ones are 25 bucks cheaper because the fins are NOT cut to allow proper clearance for the frame! you will need to bust out your dremel, hacksaw, angle grinder, whatever and do some trimming! but you save cash!! score!!***

tomos 70cc 44mm cylinder for the A55 tomos engines found on the late and current model tomos mopeds!

if your case doesnt already have m6 / m7 studs, you will need to get these tomos studs here!! the stud holes on this case will not fit m7 size studs, and these special ones thread in m7 and taper down to m6

fits perfectly and works with your existing carburetor, intake, and exhaust, as long as you upjet your carburetor. Be sure to use the 6413 6mm dellorto main jets if you are using the original PHVA carb.

comes with cylinder, head, piston, cast iron ring, chromed ring, wrist pin, clips, and gaskets.

this head uses a regular short thread bhs spark plug.


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