tomos a35 a55 cdi PRO PAK with parmakit box
tomos a35 a55 cdi PRO PAK with parmakit box
alternate reality price $199.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

complete par t pak to upgrade yer old points ignition! direct fit on some a35*** and all a55 plus can be used some other bikes too!!

****early points model a35 motors do not have the additional stator plate mount necessary to mount this cdi stator. the mounting slots on the plate are 180 deg opposed, so it doesnt work out too well. so if you have a 1992-1994 a35, take the stator plate off and look at the cases. if you have three stator plate mounts this will NOT work without modification to the plate, if you have the additional 4th mount in 7-8'oclock position, then this cdi WILL work for ya!!****

The stator plate is 90mm, so this will not fit models that use 80mm stator plates. Measure to be sure!!

super nice OEM cdi assembly, parmakit wicked curve box, and ngk boot for ya!

a bit more expensive than the other version, its 100% super nice old stock from the early 2000s!

PERFORMANCE version!! this comes with the legendary parmakit cdi box. this box has a retarding curve for keeping things cool while you're blasting

this version is the NOS and OEM ignition for super tom. for some reason they included a light coil on super tom but didnt connect it stock on their bikes. so, its there already for ya now! and you can connect in your lights, so sick!!!

a bit more expensive than the other version, its 100% super nice old stock from the early 2000s!

perfecto upgrade for many bikes of course, the stator mounts are the same for tomos, puch, some sachs, some batavus, etc.

NOTE: you may have to remove the woodruff key and hand time this bad boy if used in a non-tomos application!

Black goes to the large blade on the parma box
Yellow goes to lights
The small blade on the box is grounded

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Best cdi for the $ February 21, 2019
taco eater : Knucklehead from Long Beach, CA United States  
Budget powerdynamo.
I have this exact set up on my puchs.
Stator bolts right up and magneto taper is the same.
If you know how to do the mathematical you can run these off key.
Magneto is also the perfect weight.

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This is my favorite ignition system since way back January 19, 2018
taco eater : Maxwell Shapiro from Los Angeles, CA United States  
2017 A55 flywheel weighs *1137g* (they ALL have the electric start gear attached, whether you have electric start or not).
The Gift basket Super Tom set one weighs *889g*
This pro pack one from A35 engines is *697g*

So if you are staying stock but want to improve your Tomos ignition system (mine died a 700 miles on my 2017), go with the gift basket. If you wanna go fast... this is your ticket.

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