tomos OEM colibri subframe - DARK GREEN
tomos OEM colibri subframe - DARK GREEN
alternate reality price $62.99


tomos.....colibri............SUBFRAME! sorry for the suspense, its just, well, a colibri subframe in all its glory! oem nos, whatever else you wanna call it, and its ready to bolt to a colibri frame or just custom mount it to some type of bike to make it a tomos with a mono cool!! wait, how much? i dunno you tell me...

mono shock spacing is about 22mm between bolt holes and has 10mm holes fits any a3, a35, or a55 motor....

front mount spacing is about 95.3mm wide with a 12mm ID hole

hard to see in the pic, its really dark green!

has some scratches all over it, so priced a bit lower!

tomos part number 223650

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