tomos OEM CTX NTX primered gas tank
tomos OEM CTX NTX primered gas tank

alternate reality price $89.99


replacement tank for the tomos CTX NTX super rad bike we dont have over here...

this thing is pretty big, about as long as a magnum tank but wider and taller. you can see all the way in and see how much gas you have

would be perfect if you just want tons of gas, for pinball, for long trips or just dirt bike enduro style builds...

rad pic of the bike above....sooooo sick!! this will give you an idea of the size

uses a 10mm petcock like this!

here are some 38mm gas caps for this tank

about 18 x 9 x 13"

front mounts are about 70mm apart with m6 holes
would sit on a bar about 65mm in diameter
has one rear 7mm mount

tank is primered, so paint whatever you want

**NOS, but has a few small dents, scratches and some sticker residue here and there. nothing big but keep in mind its not 100% perfect!! maybe more like 95%

tomos part number 221792

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