tomos A55 DIY raw pipe
tomos A55 DIY raw pipe


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tomos A55 treat pipe raw edition !! designed to fit the A55 sprint first and foremost!! totally unpainted, as this pipe is intended for those who want to do a custom paint job or love watching things rust. they do have a light coat of oil to prevent rust during storage/transit.

other delights include :

removable baffle (rivet)
A55 mounting bracket which might actually fit your bike (sprint - yes! lx - yes!
5 cone chamber
please note this has fit issues with kickstart A55 bikes and will need to be modified to fit, sorry!

as pictured, you will need to assemble the baffle with the provided end cap, packing and rivets.

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Raw looks good with any paint job. August 23, 2018
taco eater : Alex Rice  
•bolts up perfect on a pedal sprint
• buy some good baffle packing when you buy this. The stuff that comes with the pipe is a joke.
•instead of using the rivets, I brazed some cap nuts to the inside of the baffle cap, and used some screws with loctite.
• wipe it down with acetone, and spray it nice and thicc with some high temp clear coat.
•performance gains are great on a stock a55 cylinder with proper jetting and air filter! Not too loud either.

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