thread gauge
thread gauge


with this tiny 67mm x 18mm tool you can actually measure the threading of up to 48 different thread profiles in Metric, English, and Whitworth

say you're working on a moped and you dont know what nut to buy for your crank, stud, or any other part you can think of, you just whip this out and it will tell you exactly what thread pitch you've got on your hands. very useful when you are just stumped and don't have a nut to test with and when you don't wanna just strip out a bolt because you have the wrong nut

this will measure almost ANY thread you can possibly ever deal with, soo useful in the world of mopeds because of all of the weird sizing on the thousands of brands in the world

has two little hand-tightening nuts on the sides to keep the gauges in place or loosen them out when you need to

by Eldi

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