spaco SHA 13mm carburetor - cable choke - clone
spaco SHA 13mm carburetor


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spaco 13.13 cable choke carburetor for vespa & kinetic mopeds. this is the largest and as well the only performance carburetor upgrade for vespa mopeds unless you get crazy and get the polini reed engine with 19mm phbg, yikes. this will fit perfectly, instantly, easily onto vespa ciao, bravo & grande. kinetic users, no problem. It is a very simple switch as well. all dellorto jets also available. this is the spaco version.

hmm, this is interesting this carb also fits on a batavus m48 engine as long as it has an encarwi intake, thats pretty cool!

these have a short choke lever

shim size for this carb is -

ID - 16mm
OD - 21mm

air filter OD is 50mm

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1 of 5 bigg! mistake and should of never purchased... April 25, 2015
taco eater : kent sargent from webster, MA United States  
not saying the carb is bad but this particular carb does not work with the batavus m48. due to that this carb has fuel and air mixture screws the motor does not operate as it should with power at all. ive changed the jets going from 52-60 and could not get this carb to tune right with the m48 engine. my local motorcycle shop that's has 30years experience said its the carb its self. I purchased the same carb but without the mixture screws off moped division and I had no issues what so ever, im running a 56 and now im satisfied. but just to let people know this carb is a no no for the m48. thnks

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5 of 5 tuners dream August 11, 2014
taco eater : william ludwig from vienna, VA United States  
So I have been a little skeptical to mess with the kinetic  tfr that I have due to it runs perfect. Then the carb screwed up so I thought alright replace with an upgrade. I wasn't sure what to expect as no one else had anything to say about it. it is absolutely fantastic, its fully adjustable with screws not just jets, it is all decent quality metal not plastic. anyway 25mph uphill and 32 on a flat run with filter and totally stock otherwise bike. also props to treats for their always fast and awesome shipping and what not.

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