simonini aluminum baffle exhaust silencer for all mopeds - 18mm
simonini aluminum baffle exhaust silencer

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aluminum baffle exhaust silencer by simonini performance racing specialists.

18mm diameter opening, clamps on to you stinger with a bolt you'll have to find yourself.

200mm length baffle
60mm diameter
bracket is 90mm in from the rear
bracket extends up 80mm from center of baffle
m8 hole

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Best baffle around March 14, 2016
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY  
From the picture the exhaust hanger looks decent. Let me tell you this bad boy is ruggid beyond belief. This boss hog of a hanger is aluminum TIG welded. These welds are thick and clean there is no way this hanger if coming off. I’m very impressed!

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