NOS steel THIN 1.1 x 17 rim - 36 spoke
silver aluminum 1.4 x 19 rim - 36 spoke

alternate reality price $39.99


new old stock silver 36 spoke steel rim for all your spoke wheel needs, will work for all thin size 17 inch tires commonly in use for many mopeds

these types of rims were found on early puch maxis and are 100% ken roff approved!

actual inner width of the rim is 1.4" inches to be exact

6.6mm nipple opening.

fun fact!!! when measuring rims, its from the inside diameter where the spoke holes are. if you are to measure the complete outer diameter, a 17" rim will be about 17.75" so if you're ever wondering what tires to get, its always 0.75" larger than the tire size you need

there is some surface rust but it will clean up nicely!

words on the rim:

12 77

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