puch simonini chrome performance exhaust pipe with black or green carbon baffle
puch simonini chrome exhaust pipe



craaaazy chrome expansion chamber with black or green carbon silencer from euro masters of raw power SIMONINI

These require loss of pedals - bolts up excellently but the pedals can't clear the massive chamber - so you can still kick it over if you don't want to take off the pedals. Pretty much one of the most impressive chambers for puch that there is.

the flange is a lil too big for most kits so a little dremeling of flange/cylinder usually required to get it to fit.

don't pay attention to people who talk about restricters, none present.

Requires modification for use on 80 kits as the angle will be wrong and the pipe will shoot up super hi.

Comes with black or dark green carbon silencer, sorry just whichever they send us!

24mm header ID

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Sick pipe for the $$ January 26, 2013
taco eater : The dirtypetcocks from Sarasota, FL United States  
Pipe  is great power house pipe !! Great rpms on power band  ,the chrome is so so not best !!
But looks good ,chrome is fine if your not building a show bike ,at the end of the day just a moped

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