puch rito race crankshaft
  puch rito race crankshaft crank



Performance race crank for puch e50 one speed engines by Rito.

pretty much one of the strongest and best choices for puch cranks with zero complications.

all rito in stock are stuffed, so no worries you'll get an unstuffed one!

Uses the standard bearings and seals.


uses 12x15x15 needle bearing. your kit may be able to accommodate a wider needle bearing like 12x15x16 or 12x15x17.5 if you want to use one, measure to be sure!

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The only crank. February 22, 2014
taco eater: tucker cameron from grand isle, VT United States  
This is the one you want.

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Hits crankcase January 16, 2014
taco eater: Ryan Root from Key West, Fl  
looks to be a good quality crank but when i bolt my cases together the bottom of the connecting rod hits the  back of the crank case. needed to do alot of sanding and dremeling to get this to work. not sure if this was a deffect on the rito or my cases but the material on the end of the conrod seems excess

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hello November 17, 2013
taco eater: veefam on ig from longwood, FL United States  
This is so freaking smooth the hoes be calling me Slim Cutta Calhoune. Seriously  best upgrade i have ever done. Buy it, install was a breeze.

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Awesome May 4, 2013
taco eater: brandon love from newport news, VA United States  
A great quality crank, very smooth and well made. I have mine for a couple of years and it still works and looks like new.

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Super duper RPM madness September 16, 2011
taco eater: Tyler Brekke from Long Beach, CA  
Can't go wrong with the Rito, this crank is number 1 in the land. Machined perfection at its finest, this is one of the most beautiful things every conceived. Why would you not put this in a rebuild? Oh... they are sold out.. well just wait then! Benji will always get more!

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