puch rito race crankshaft
  puch rito race crankshaft crank



Performance race crank for puch e50 one speed engines by Rito.

pretty much one of the strongest and best choices for puch cranks with zero complications.

all rito in stock are stuffed, so no worries you'll get an unstuffed one!

Uses the standard bearings and seals.

Stuffed! now with blue stuffers WOW just kidding the last batch of ritos we got didn't have blue anodized stuffers. looks like yer gonna get whatever rito decides to send us!

uses 12x15x15 needle bearing. your kit may be able to accommodate a wider needle bearing like 12x15x16 or 12x15x17.5 if you want to use one, measure to be sure!

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boringly reliable November 17, 2014
taco eater: MennoOonneM from San Diego, CA United States  
it's boring how easy to install and incredibly reliable this thing is. can't it grenade or whatever they call it. snooooozzzzeee fest!! zzzzzzzzzz

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not blue, rusty threads, bearing luber not cented. October 10, 2014
taco eater: Matthew Baker from ventura, CA United States  
I bought the fanciest crank they make for Puch. The first thing I noticed was the stuffing was not blue... Bummer... One star off... There was rust on both ends of the crank on the threads and some of the grit made it's way to the big end of the connecting rod... I wiped the rust off the threads with my shirt and blew out the bearing with solvent to remove the rusty grit.... Another star off... Then I looked at the wrist pin hole on the connecting rod and the bearing luber hole was not drilled centered. It wasn't in a Rito box so I thought maybe they sent me a different crank by accident, but then I seen the imprint "rito". In the end I didn't have a smile on my face because It didn't look like the one in the picture.... Kinda like my double cheeseburger from mc donalds.

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love it October 6, 2014
taco eater: Anonymous Person from colorado  
This things is sexy. Everything went together smoothly. No need for shims and what not.

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BUY THIS CRANK August 7, 2014
taco eater: ryan lewis  
Yea this one right here

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hello June 25, 2014
taco eater: McCringelberry from longwood, FL United States  
This is so freaking smooth the hoes be calling me Slim Cutta Calhoune. Seriously  best upgrade i have ever done. Buy it, install was a breeze.

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