puch moped new 17" front spoke wheel - BUDGET version
puch moped new 17" front spoke wheel - BUDGET version



sealed bearings! new! spoke front chrome wheel!


for use with 80mm brake plates (you may need to drill out the hole in your brake plate if you previously had 11 or 10mm axles)

direct from an undisclosed hamlet in Japan

NEWS FLASH these are NOT trued or tensed out of the box! you will be responsible for truing and tensing the wheel! ALSO big boys, sorry, these are not the strongest wheels in the world. if you're a big dude and you hit some big potholes, they do not fair well.

these no longer come with bearings or center spacer installed!!! you'll want this 12mm sealed bearing axle and some 6001 bearings!

for many mopeds, puch, peugeot, motobecane and more

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2 of 5 Bearings!!! July 22, 2015
taco eater : OG Buck from USA  
These bearings are junk. Take them out right away... It's super easy. keep that lovely spacer the gave you.

Junk those Communist bearings!

Now order 4 of these
SKS bearings. #60012Z  

Now your life isn't in danger... As much.

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3 of 5 Beefy and wide! October 20, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Oakland, CA United States  
*UPDATE* After only a few months these rims have begun to rust without ever being rained on or wet. I am near the bay though but the air here isn't that salty compared to SF.

These are 2.5 inches wide in case you didn't know. I didn't. My old ones were 2.25 and so I had bought tires for 2.25. They mounted fine though so hopefully it's okay.

There were some burrs on the inside of the rim so be sure to sand those down before putting in your tubes or you'll be sorry.

The sealed bearings do NOT feel as smooth as they should be. Hopefully this will not be an issue......

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5 of 5 Troof March 23, 2011
taco eater : mojo. from BullyLAnd  
I got these the first time they hit the kingdom of treats and these are way better quality than those. Beefier rims I think. I also trued them on a stand and they were very close.

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