puch moped BLACK BOSS performance pipe
puch moped BLACK BOSS performance pipe



fits near perfect on most bikes (except stock magnum cylinders of course!) contains magik ingredients rather understated clean appearance, blends in and doesn't alert people to your "racer" status until after you blast them a budget and wiser choice to the spendy homoet 4p, looks almost the same no pedal or kickstand complications, and did I mention this will NOT fit on your stock magnum, dart or austro daimler cylinder?

boss hawkers tips - this pipe has a quite large header, use a super thin walled 10mm long socket to mount dreamy, or use the long brass M6 nuts, or remove the studs completely and use M6 allen/hex bolts...then no probs, all is well.

for flat port puch cylinders

25mm header ID

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5 of 5 great pipe at a great price! November 13, 2020
taco eater : Adam Thatcher from Greentown, IN United States  
I bought this pipe for a pinto project i have. fits great with no modifications gave er a very nice sound and power.

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4 of 5 First pipe I bought. July 4, 2020
taco eater : Quattro Audi from Kensington, CT United States  
Loud at high rpms. Has a slow take off. I feel it limits my high end on the treats "back from the dead" metrakit clone setup (great kit!!). It does very well in the mid range though for me... good deal for 60$...

46mph .. 77 Puch maxi, "back from the dead" 65cc metra kit with treats super street head, clone phbg 19 - w7-74 main, three shoe with eso springs, 93 Mobil octane gas, redline 2stroke and trans fluid.

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4 of 5 As tony the tiger would say... July 20, 2019
taco eater : Anonymous Person from San Diego, CA United States  
She's greaaaaat. Got 4 stars only for the following reasons, couldn't seat it at first install. Inspected the bolt holes and there was a speck of metal welded I had to dremel out. The support bracket didn't quite line up to the frame support...a zip tie fixed that.  The center kick stand also makes contact with the bottom of the exhaust but no pedal impediments. Considering this exhaust was to replace an original stock with holes in the header and baffles, peanuts.

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4 of 5 Well built March 24, 2018
taco eater : W FOwler from Buchanan, VA United States  
Materials and construction are top notch, but this is no Homoet 4P.  I have both pipes on similar builds, the Homoet smokes this pipe.  It is a great pipe for the money.

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4 of 5 Pretty Deeeece! June 23, 2017
taco eater : Slumbtimes from New York  
I mounted this pipe straight onto my Puch Newports stock E50. Be sure to grab TWO of the M6 brass nuts. Rookie mistake on my end. But, pipe sounds good and gives you a little more speed!

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