puch homoet 6p performance pipe
  puch homoet 6p performance pipe

 :*sorry none today*

super hi rpm blaster for all puch mopeds, this beast is super solid and quite fail proof.

please note the chamber is large so maxi pedals will not clear, magnums and freespirit bikes will clear, or if you switch out your maxi pedal assembly for a magnum one you'll be fine, good luck finding a magnum one though... ohhhh

25mm header ID

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Blaster September 4, 2012
taco eater: Archie from Ypsilanti, MI United States  
I see that the price has gone up on this bad boy and guess what? It's worth it. 64cc Polini, 21mm PHBG, Malossi 4 Reed, and this.

Hits HARD like a drunken wife beater on steroids. Make sure you're holding on tight when it hits. The police will love you...

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nasty growler October 26, 2011
taco eater: Chief Jo from IN the Nap, United States  
this pipe is SICK. Great quality, Great performance, and Great price compared to similar performing pipes! all around nasty

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Awesome July 1, 2010
taco eater: Andrew Browning from Danvers , MA United States  
These are a great investment in my opinion.  They are well made, they sound awesome and of course they rip.  I like that these dont have the clear coat other pipes have so you can just hit em with a little bbq black once a year and they look great.  I have no problem with low end with this pipe on a metra 65/19mm dell, prob cause i tuned the clutch....awesome.

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