puch e50 straight cut gear complete set - PEDAL START
puch e50 straight cut gear set - PEDAL START



brand new extremely breathtakingly beautiful set of straight cut gears for normal pedal start e50 !!! this pack comes with a lightened main gear, lightened clutch bell and clutch bell bushing

uses your original starter plate

the 94T main gear itself weighs 1.89 lbs

the 18T clutch bell weighs approx 12 oz

inner diameter is for a normal puch clutch

main gear has circlips on it already too

seriously high quality. the clutch bushing slides in so nice....kinda like modern art, its a shame they have to be hidden inside your engine!!!!

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Sassy, Fun, and Flirty May 22, 2018
taco eater : Andy T from Dirty Detroit  
Time to go shopping for a new skater dress, slip ons and some cute cheekys because you just bought yourself the highest quality moped parts you’ve ever owned. These are seriously the sickest, nastiest Gears I’ve ever bought. Perfectly balanced and the shaft is much better than a stock one. If you plan on doing 60mph plus or revving over 12,000 rpm. GET THESE. I make it a hobby to strip stock countershafts and throw gears through the case. If you’re like me, get it!!

Pro tip. Since these are a bit spendy, you can find some really cute skirts at local theift shops for real cheap

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