puch ZA50 + sachs 505 + tomos powerdynamo CDI - 12v / 100w DC
puch ZA50 + sachs + tomos powerdynamo CDI
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the powerdynamo is back! this one is for puch ZA50 (two speed), tomos a35/a55, and sachs 505 engines. this is a super solid CDI unit, very reliable with lights! comes with full complete instructions, with step by step instruction and color photos + wiring diagram.

magnet based generator with integrated fully electronic ignition. output at 12 volts / up to 100 watts DC. solid state. maintenance free, electronic ignition!

modern technology for brilliant lights and solid spark (solid state)
all parts are new
brighter lights!
classic look
better starting, better fuel burning

use the 27mm x 1.25mm puller to get this flywheel off

magneto has an OD of 104mm!

for use on sachs/tomos you may need to deviate from the instructions as they are designed for puch. If you want the DC 100 watt version of this, no probs email in and we will arrange for it.

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5 of 5 Fits a 504 case...! July 14, 2014
taco eater : Josiah McCoy from Lititz, PA United States  
Got one awhile back. Never ran it but it fits perfectly in a 504's case; it uses the smaller magneto. I needed cash so had to return it but hope to pick up another one in the near future.

Also, the unit is best suited for a stock to mild street build as the cdi box has no curve or much performance tuning. But the spark and lights are wicked.

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5 of 5 Better Installation Method March 19, 2014
taco eater : Robert Smiley from Fountain Valley, CA United States  
The 3/4" 8 Pt. socket by Proto (# 5424S - UPC code # 662679180768) is an asolutely perfect alignment tool for adapting the Powerdynamo ignition systems to the Derbi casings. Just drop it (opening side down) over the crank end and finger tighten the crank nut; its perfect for marking the new holes very accurately and you can do the final plate tightening with it in place, remove it then add the coil and tighten down the three Phillips screws.  A strong suggestion: Ace Hardware carries button head 5mm X 12mm screws for attaching the base-plate. they are much more of a positive attachment and add clearance with the coils.

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