puch 70cc PHBG treat party supreme - version 1
puch moped 70cc PHBG treat party supreme
alternate reality price $308.00


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:


the puch 70cc treat kit + PHBG party supreme!! VERSION 1. a winning collection at a price that is, well, hmm.... winning also.

savingssss here. if you get it all separately its $325 - you save $17 with this party pack!!

treet peoples 45mm cylinder, 70cc hi comp head WITH O RING, black tecno boss pipe, dellorto 21mm PHBG clamp style carburetor with pull choke, PHBG square port intake, malossi E12 air filter + top end gasket set!! we no longer include a throttle cable cause.. well you already know why don't you?

so why think, when we can do the thinking for you. all ya need now is a jet range to tune this up. and that will be up to you. i would recommend an 80s or 90s range, but who knows, depends where you live. most of my tuning is done 93 feet below sea level.

this is the best setup for MAXI with E50! for tube frame puch mopeds OR maxi style frames with za50, you will want the phbg party pack supreme version 2 !!

party rules

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5 of 5 Yes your moped can beat cars May 20, 2016
taco eater : Rocco Trotto from Princeton , MA United States  
even with 16x40 I'm able to hit 50s none case matched and very mild porting. With the phbg carb you'll gain speed going uphill!

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5 of 5 Plain amazing! September 21, 2013
taco eater : Too Fat, Too Furry Ass from Chicago, IL United States  
Wifey don't like shifting gears, so I found her a lil yellow JCPenny Pinto. Thing was so weak she had to ride in the bike lanes - and still got passed! 28mph downhill.
Saw this while shopping for a pipe, figured to try. Slapped it on this morning and nearly killed myself this afternoon - soooooperfast, blew by the 40mph cap! Starts on half a kick, purrs and roars. Only bad part, now I'm gonna have to get it licensed and plated:/
Thanks Treatland!

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5 of 5 good kit August 5, 2013
taco eater : John Arsenault from Fort Johnson, NY United States  
easy install on my 76 maxi nostalgia.....carb is enormous and not an ez fit but it will.
I have 280 lbs of  manly goodness and this kit will haul my fatass up and down anything. crazy power gains.

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4 of 5 needs better exhaust May 16, 2013
taco eater : busted knuckle from indianapolis, IN United States  
this is a good all around kit i kept blowing exhaust gaskets so i bought one for a lawnmower that fit perfect and aside from the exhaust not flowing enough for a 21mm carb this works wonders

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5 of 5 77 Newport is now a drag 'ped! September 24, 2012
taco eater : Darrick from ME United States  
I still need to tweak my carb, but my moped went from a laggy anemic 26mph on the flat, to a solid 40mph uphill and 45-48 on the flat!

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