puch EBR BLACK maxi forks for DISC brake only
puch EBR BLACK maxi forks for DISC brake only


 :*sorry none today*

These work perfectly as a replacement for trashed maxi forks, or you can use them on a magnum, freespirit, pinto, swinger, kromag, murray, dart, whatever. These will make your freespirit or magnum slightly lower, but truthfully they blend in pretty well and it works swell. yep.



NOW for disc brake set ups only! whoaaaaaaaaaa

head tube is 180mm - 55mm of threading

thread OD is 26mm x 1mm - for puch and tomos use

these maxi ebr's are 23 inches long

magnum ebr's are 27 inches ish

fork tube diameter is 28mm so when you're picking clip ons make sure you get the right size!

axle width is 115mm

the disc brake mounting holes are 45mm eyelet to eyelet and 8mm ID

the GOLD brake caliper bolts up perfectly! just space it out depending on the wheel you use and it should be good maybe? note there is no caliper that is included with these forks!

PS: the mike thomas disc set up and CR80 and possibly other 17" dirt bike disc wheels won't work cause the hubs are too wide for the forks so you'll have to find a wheel that is thin enough to fit in there? sorry babes....

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