puch E50 powerdynamo CDI - 12v / 70w AC
puch E50 powerdynamo CDI


the powerdynamo is back! this one is for puch E50 (one speed) engines. this is a super solid CDI unit, very reliable with lights! comes with full complete instructions, with step by step instruction and color photos + wiring diagram. i'm sure you can mount this to other moped too, like derbi or sachs?

magnet based generator with integrated fully electronic ignition. output at 12 volts / up to 70 watts AC. solid state. maintenance free, electronic ignition!

modern technology for brilliant lights and solid spark (solid state)
all parts are new
brighter lights!
classic look
better starting, better fuel burning

use the 27mm x 1.25mm puller to get this flywheel off

magneto has an OD of 104mm!

loose yer instructions? find em here

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5 of 5 One of the better CDI's September 18, 2018
taco eater : David L from San Francisco , CA United States  
I installed a powerdynamo about 3 years ago on my bike and haven't touched it since. Great low end power and able to run auxilary 12 volt LED lights no problem. These CDI systems are worth the money.
Simple plug and play: red-red, white-white, blue to kill switch. Rectifier takes BOTH black wires from stator, red wire out is to all lights - split it off to head/stop/running/speedo/anything! (rectifier will ground to the frame when you mount it.)

UPDATE 2013: this same CDI is now on a derbi flat reed engine. Clockwise rotation. Just drilled on the stator backplate - one new hole for mounting and wallowed out another a little larger for second mounting hole. This will bring the stator/flywheel center.

UPDATE 2018: the AC one might not be available anymore? you can buy the DC one instead. the wiring on that regulator will be both blacks from harness to the regulator blacks, two brown wires to ground and red out will be the power wire to everything.

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5 of 5 Loads of power & well constructed April 12, 2013
taco eater : Nate from Chicago, IL United States  
Great CDI if you don't wanna worry about anything. Follow the instructions and it will work, spot on. Be super careful not to fudge the wires on the coils.

Get the complete unit with regulator, unless you already got one for a floating ground. Otherwise, yeah, gotta get one.

Note: you can find this from powerdynamo for 250 euros, not $$$, and shipping is a killer. Best price I could find for new. Treats, as always, rocks with shipping!!!

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5 of 5 Best Batavus Laura M48 CDI Ever! November 23, 2011
taco eater : trickMETRIC from Grand Rapids, MI United States  
Ran this on the super bat all summer. Mega 12v DC when using a scooter rectifier.

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5 of 5 a light at the end of the tunnel... March 19, 2011
taco eater : Ryan from Columbia, MO  
if you think you've died and you're going to heaven think again... that light at the end of the tunnel is my bike with a powerdynamo on it.  the lights are insanely bright... you *MUST* use the supplied voltage regulator or you will be incredibly sorry.  this brought my gila to life...


1) with flywheel slightly on (pressure with your hand) find TDC
2) remove flywheel as gently as possible as to not move the crank from TDC
3) with your micrometer (I used a buzzetti one) advance the piston to 2mm BTDC (per powerdynamo instructions)
4) very carefully put the flywheel on making sure the line on the flywheel matches up with the red dot on the stator
5) take a rubber mallet and whack that sucker on
6) hold the flywheel with your hand taking care to not move the crank
7) unscrew timing tool
8) insert piston stop very slowly until you feel it barely touching the piston crown
9) tighten the flywheel nut down
10) blast blast away...

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5 of 5 GET THESE IN STOCK NOW December 24, 2010
taco eater : Apollo the taco lover from sioux falls, SD  
i gots christmas $$$ to spend and I CHOOSE YOU!

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