puch E50 crankshaft bearings set 6203 & 6203 NR - NACHI edition
puch E50 crankshaft bearings set 6203


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

one 6203 C3 bearing and one 6203 NR snap ring bearing for rebuilding e50 (one speed) engines on any puch moped.

deluxe NACHI version!!! if you aren't aware, nachi makes some of the highest quality bearings in the world!

Guaranteed authentic Nachi bearings straight from the source.

a total rebuild of your E50 will require 4 bearings - 3 6203 C3 and one 6203 NR.

these may come with plastic seals on them depending on source but probably not - if so consider yourself lucky for the extra protection they offer in transit and BE SURE to pop the plastic seals off with a thin blade before installing them as you want the bearings to soak up all those juicy engine fluids, yum.

for puch magnum, maxi, newport, swinger, kromag, pinto, dart, freespirit, korado, etc

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