puch e50 straight cut gear complete set - KTM CLUTCH version
puch e50 straight cut gear complete set - KTM CLUTCH version



brand new extremely breathtakingly beautiful set of straight cut gears for kickstart / pullstart e50 !!! this pack comes with a lightened main gear, lightened clutch bell and clutch bell bushing

****this version is for the KTM e50 clutch, so keep in mind the clutch bell is way smaller with an 83.5mm inner diameter!!****

you will not be able to use your starter plate assembly, so its time to lighten up and go with pullstart or if you're lucky enough to have a kickstart you're good to go right off the bat IF you have somehow modified your KTM clutch to work with your kickstart. More than likely you are using this with a pullstart tho..

you CANNOT use your original e50 clutch. this is for ktm clutch only!

the 94T main gear itself weighs 1.89 lbs

the 18T clutch bell weighs 10.8 oz

main gear has circlips on it already too

seriously high quality. the clutch bushing slides in so nice....kinda like modern art, its a shame they have to be hidden inside your engine!!!!

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Fits great, get a needle bearing July 3, 2018
taco eater : jordan from Omaha  
Fit & finish are excellent, feels super high quality and they make a tuning fork noise when you hit them right. Not sure of power gains, I got these mostly to prevent my clutch bell from eating it's circlip. It's quick thooo
I would strongly recommend getting the bell bored out for a needle bearing in high stall applications, I seized two bushings to the crank before sending the bell off to the machine shop.

Edit: the clutch gear walked out of the bell about 1/8th or so inch after about 100 miles or so with a KTM clutch, causing the bell to drag on the clutch. Caught it in time before it walked out all the way so nothing was damaged and hopefully repairable.

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