puch 17" grimeca 5 star wheel SET - version 2
puch 17" grimeca 5 star wheel SET - version 2

SALE DAZE discount!! $369.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

treat yerself with a pair of nice semi glossy luxurious satin black 5 star rims complete with front and rear hubs, hub mounting bolts, sealed bearings with bearing spacers, and rear axle. front axle will be your choice!

These come with the black front hub now!

also possibly mount on peugeot, motobecane and more!!

oh, and this is the DISC version, like 2018 i can stop it i say, STAHP!

so, the front and rear axles are both 12mm. you can use your stock rear brake plate with 80mm pads, or..

rear brake plate here!

you can grab a 94mm rear sprocket here and then some sprocket nuts n bolts here if you need em!

comes with a complete mike thomas disc brake assembly!!

if its for puch, get some rear axle adjusters here!

feeling free? get a freewheel here!

you need to choose a 12mm sealed axle in the right length for your forks!!

it is highly suggested that if you want to ensure long bearing life, go with this 12mm rear axle!!! it comes with one, but this axle promotes longer bearing life and is just better

has axle nuts, but comes with 4 nice better quality ones for you to switch out!!

these wheels come UNASSEMBLED so you have the fun of putting them together yourself! COO

comes with brand new sealed bearings. dont forget to do one bearing first, then the center spacer, then the other bearing on the other side!! ya boi!!!

then, install and bask in the glory of your 5 stars of fury

added up, all of these parts are super expensive, we made this pack hugely discounted just for, well, YOU!

17" diameter
1.35" rim width
weighing in at exactly 4.00 lbs per rim (no hub of course). pretty dang light!

okay...and lastly as promised...

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4 of 5 They look great September 1, 2019
taco eater : Andrew Smart from Kittery, ME United States  
If you're using an after market swing arm then the axle spacers are pretty much useless.  Better off buying 1/2" pipe and cutting to size.  Same with the front axle with EBR forks.

Rims coating chips mad easy so use those cheap rim guards when mounting tires.  Rocks are gunna do that later anyways...

Ok so now you know the bad but don't let that stop you, these are soooo dope!  Just gotta use your brain a little, you have a brain right?

Edit treats : Updated review to remove missing bolt info. The bolts are now included!

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