polini CP carb curved air box - 48mm ID - bigger

polini CP carb curved air box - 48mm ID



polini air box for the CP series carburetors! fits any carb with a 48mm air filter mount diameter or if you remove the plastic adapter it will fit a 62mm air filter mount.

nice carbon fiber esque looking pattern on the top of it!!

physically quite large; approximately 5.5in deep x 4.5in wide x 5.5in tall.

this air box has an internal open cell foam filter element, so it should flow quite nicely whilst filtering thy air. it's also got a nice velocity building curvature to it...mmmm.

actually made for vespa 50/pk/125et3 scootyz but could work on your moped as well! because of this, it comes with some mounting bolts and plastic inserts to aid in the installation of it on a scooter carb.

also comes with some plugs to restrict airflow if that's your kinda thing. airbox tuning!!


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