peugeot simonini circuit performance pipe
peugeot moped simonini circuit pipe



peugeot moped simonini clear coat circuit performance pipe with aluminum baffle!

dreamy pipe with zero complications, i think. bolt and go! you will have to re-jet as always with a different pipe.

comes with bolt on flange and springs but if you have a screw type cylinder you wanna get THIS simo flange!

header dimensions -

ID - 28.5mm

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4 of 5 Top tier 'lil shitter November 20, 2017
taco eater : Jon Feldman from Portland , OR United States  
This thing is the fuckin' jam. EXCELLENT for mildish builds. One of the few peugeot pipes that isn't a ridiculous 11k blaster. The best part about this is that it kinda tames the french beast and allows you to have a bike that isn't constantly spinning crazy rpms. Kinda like a rev limiter?

Other notes: 1. Despite everyone whining about quality, I haven't had any breakage issues. It's better than the reviews make it sound. 2. The spring mounting spots on the flange are bogus as fuck. AKA the stupid ass bolt holes that bolt the flange to the cyl. Ya need to weld up some washers to the flange to make spring installation 'n such wayyyy easier. Basically the equivalent of a Doppler's spring mounts. 3. Pedals cleared dandy for me but pipe hit subftame slightly upon full variation. If you have this problem,you're gonna need to heat up the baffle and bend it outward slightly. Super easy.

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4 of 5 hmm, pretty decent i guess.. May 19, 2012
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Milwaukee, WI United States  
Its super weird the reviews for the black one are terrible and the reviews for this one are all pretty good.

I have this on my Sachs 2bx with the Athena 80. Fits pretty easily with the moped factory bracket.

With stock it had good top end, but the rings were shot so the low end was terrible, not sure if the pipe made that worse. Was doing 36-37 with SHA and bad rings on a stock cylinder.

The baffle is over-packed on these, if you drill out the rivets and loosen up the packing by removing some of it, it helps.

quality is pretty poor, and you'll need to reinforce or buy the reinforced version of the exhaust swinger thing. the silencer will probably break off either way, oh well, mopeds...

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3 of 5 Hits swing arm and pedal April 22, 2011
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
I like the pipe but bike wont fully variate.I do not care if it hits the pedal......future mods in store for sure. Wish i could find a Polini top one!!!!

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4 of 5 Good stuff April 9, 2011
taco eater : Paul Foster from Toronto, ON Canada  
Same thing as Mikey, I think - took a dremel to the outside edge of the holes in the part that mounts to the cylinder (flange? bracket? mount? whatever ya call it) so that there was an exposed space to hang the springs from. About to gas it up and see what happens, but it definitely fits perfecto with the pedals and center stand.

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4 of 5 Almost Zero... Say Like .5 Complications May 18, 2010
taco eater : michael ricereto from baltimore, MD United States  
This pipe is rad.  Zero complications with pedals and stand - it fits perfect!  Only thing is, fit-wise, the mounting on my Gila cylinder.  I had to dremel off a bit of material to clear the springs (when you have it all mounted up you will see what I'm talking about).  No problem really, takes 1 minute to buzz off a little material.  Performance?  Hits hard somewhere in the middle.  And seems to keep on going in a nice linear fashion.  If you have a stock vario it will be almost fully variated (stock gearing) before pipe hits.  But that is still hitting pretty early, I think.  It's pretty loud, this pipe.  Like a KX80.  You will love it.

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